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Master Royale Server S1

Master Royale S1 – Premium Private Server

We are pleased to introduce our new creation, a premium private server Master Royale, which is absolutely free! Our server supports new commands, mods, additional testing and all the new maps.

We have not been releasing a public version of our server for a long time. All because we have worked upon it very carefully. We wanted to create a powerful server and with minimal costs. We have considered all our options and decided to create a server on a unix system. This allowed us to save money on renting a server and writing code. Moreover, the merger of these two indicators gives us a significant boost in performance.
All this allowed us to implement a really good private server for Clash Royale. We added all premium features, absolutely for free. You do not have to pay for anything and you can use all of our servers with no restrictions.

Master Royale S1 Server Clash Royale

Our server is based on the previous version of the Clash Royale (1.9.2), but we are already working on supporting the version 2.0.1 and 2.0.2. Flexible configuration on our server will allow you using commands to obtain pumped server. You will have to open all new cards by yourself. But all the cards you have opened, you will be able to pump up to maximum level, with the command “/max”.

Command Master Royale S1 Server Clash Royale
To use commands, you need to create a clan and just join the existing ones. Then in the chat of the clan, write an outstanding command “/help”, where you will see all the available server commands.

Commands Master Royale S1

  • /max – max your cards
  • /tourn – make your Cards to Tournament Level
  • /reset – reset your account

Features of server Master Royale S1

  • Added all the maps
  • Created individual test
  • Unlimited crystals
  • Endless resources
  • All available chests unlimited
  • Added mode 2×2
  • Real pvp on the server

Requirements for the Master Royale S1

  • Android 4.2 +
  • 110 Mb
  • Active Internet connection

Download Master Royale S1

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